Cherry eye contour

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Cherry eye contour

In this very delicate emulsion for the cherry eye contour, there is contained a precious Japanese cherry.

In Japan, this plant is considered the plant of renewal. It blooms in spring and its flowers as well as giving a magical show, and it also offers a precious help for the well-being of the skin. In fact it appears to be a well-known jetty in the cosmetic field as an excellent anti-age remedy, rebalancing for oily skin and screen from bad weather and external harmful agents.

So this eye contour thanks to the cherry is rich in potassium, flavonoids, tannins, vitamins A-C and polyphenols is used to make the fragile facial capillaries more toned and to eliminate the liquids present in bags and dark circles. This organic and vegan product releases its natural beauty, helping to keep the look young and radiant.

The cherry eye contour is also enriched by the presence of Organic Argan Oil and Macadamia Oil, two excellent ingredients for beauty and skin care.

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