Clay Soap

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Clay Soap
Thanks to the use of vegetal oils, which have a good cosmetic power, make the cleansing soap a unique product in its kind. It is hand-made and at low temperatures, and is inspired to the ancient traditions of marsigliese soap, it is possible to obtain a product with a lot of natural glycerin. The product is dried in the air. It doesn’t contain conservants.
The clay soap works as astringent and refreshing, and it contrasts the impurities and it is good to clean grease and midst skins. The clay is composed by minerals, which derives from eroding processes of rocks, which are in Civita.
It is very useful to use on your skin and it gives you the minerals and it can eliminate dead cellular.
The difference between a soap and another is not a defect, but it is a characteristic of artisanal work.

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