Fraiche Florale Soap


Natural soap inspired by the iconic Fraiche Florale fragrance.

The use of eudermic vegetable oils with high cosmetic effects makes this product unique. The processing, exclusively ARTISANAL and at LOW TEMPERATURE, inspired by the old MARSEILLE tradition, allows for the production of a soap with a high content of NATURAL GLYCERIN, which is a result of the saponification reaction. The product is packaged after several days of AIR DRYING. It does not contain preservatives.



A fragrance that aims to recall the connection between the past and present of Civita, through a perfect blend of earthy and marine notes, which, when mixed, create an energetic and sunny essence, yet also mysterious and sensitive. It captivates and strikes like the village itself, thanks to a mix of orange, oregano, lavender, and watermelon, with a marine base of seaweed, stonecrop, and patchouli. It’s a fresh, aromatic scent that reminds one of the uniqueness of the place and its distinctive nature, so closely tied to change.

An essence that makes you dream and travel back in time, between valley and village, between the energy of life and fresh blooming.

Fragrance code AC03.

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