The origin and the creation

Civita is becoming a very well known country, why don’t you make something, which can let you to remember, creating curiosity and emotion?, asked our father. All our family like fragrances and soaps, we studied our area and the emotions linked to Civita di Bagnoregio and, thanks to a perfume producer we created our first collection of perfumes: Fraiche Florale, Charme, Folie.



Fraiche Florale

The first line Fraiche florale is a different fragrance, original and not well homologated: it is full of energy, but it is sensible and sweet, like Daniela. It fascinates as Civita: it is unique, original and out if time. It is suitable both for women and men, it reminds you to the sea, and the heart with its smells of lavender, oregano, oranges, and watermelon, which meet in the sea made of seaweed, sedum acre and patchouli. It is the inversion of the link between past and present, between valley and country, and energy of life.




The second line is Charme, inspired to Silvia, elegant and well refined as our mother, but Andrea wanted to create it. Andrea would like to smell this fragrance in a girl, (it is the most donated gift to girls), because it is fresh, delicate, precious and elegant like our country, to which is dedicated, it made of the flowers that we breath in this valleys. These are melated and ambrated , they will result delicate on your skin, and very adapted for women.




The third line of products is Folie was created by Andrea, and he wanted to give fragrances adaptable, with a contrast between citrus and woods. It is a fragrance loved by women, because it creates a great excellence, consistency and freshness, even its characteristics. Folie is made of natural bases, with lemon, eucalyptus, bergamot and grapefruit, like the cedar tree. It is linked to Civita for its aspect of strength, and uniqueness, a place which resists in time and it is remembered for its aspect, like a fortress.



Emotions keeper

We think that the perfume must remain on your skin, it must be recognized with the person, who wears it, but it has to let them know the sense of smell of the country. The bases are natural and linked to denaturized alcohol, and the choice of perfumes are linked to Viterbo and Civita, like lavender, jasmine and the woods, which recollects you to the smell, with the excellence coming from all over the world. We want to sell our fragrances in the world, and the emotions that we feel when we go through Civita: we grew up here, and we want to respect the qualities and the uniqueness of the country, respecting its fragility. The awareness of the greatness, which could reserve the country, its history and its charme, gave the energy to realize our life dream, between myth and reality, by the uniqueness of the country and the need to enlarge its visibility with passion, courageous and willing to create something of our part. Go in the country of emotions”, it is our motto. Enlarge your emotions, and your remember on your skin to your visit in Civita”, it is our promise.