A bridge towards future

Our dream was to realize some products directly linked to our traditions, which were composed by different realities, which come into contact with Civita. A “keepsake-bridge” between Civita and the rest of the world. This bridge wants to embrace the visitors, and give them a smell to let them to come. Do you think that we are too “crazy” to be 70 in three people? Yes, we do. Civita let you to come back in time. We want to give joy and we look to the future. We are excited to realize this project “Acqua di Civita”, which is studied, because it wants to demonstrate, that it is possible to invent and realize a bridge between the study and the promotion of our area.

The value of our area

The promotion of our area, which pours in our records and in our emotions, is solid in our products. The touch and the smell are well satisfied by our products, we would be very grateful if you will remember the emotions of Civita: at first impact, it is better in the early morning, when the light is clear, your gaze goes towards calanchi and woods, the wind is calmed when you enter in Civita, and you will hear the bells. A charm atmosphere, as our aroma, Charme, green, fresh, elegant, pure and gentle. The afternoon is the right moment to keep Civita madness, as our Folie , for its bright colors, hot, vivacious, variable and suspended as it appears Civita at the sunset, when the part of “country” it seems a cloud, which holds the house in the nearby. Civita at the night is mysterious and amazing, where the smells like Fraiche Florale, hits in the sky, which makes the limits of the walls vague.

Civita di Bagnoregio is a unique place, there is no other place, where to create a perfume.

The perfume is suggestion. The perfume is dream and reality, it is an emotion, which comes back in our skin.

A magic place. A place to be remembered.