Valle dei Calanchi – 100ml Perfumer + Candle

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Promo 100ml Valle dei Calanchi perfumer and Valle dei Calanchi candle.

A mix of fresh and fruity notes deriving from the essential oils of lavender, rose, olive, wild flowers, jasmine, black grape and orange blossom

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Close your eyes and imagine walking through the Civita valley with a light breeze that creeps through your fingers and ruffles your hair. Your mind immediately evokes distant memories, enveloping you with a pleasant sensation of peace and balance with the surrounding environment. Valle dei calanchi is a fresh, fruity and intoxicating fragrance that relaxes body and mind, leaving room for nothing other than this unique and inviting aroma.

With this package you have the opportunity to ride a swing of sensations, which oscillates now in bitter and decisive notes, now in enveloping and delicate notes: emotions full of richness, sensuality and lightness, which you will no longer be able to do without.