Fraiche Florale 50ml

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It is an effective fragrance, different and original, and it is not well homologated.

It wants to remind to the link between the past and the present of Civita, thanks to a meeting among land and sea touch, that melting together, create a dynamic and sunny essence, but it is sensible and mysterious.

It is good both for women and men, because it enchants you like the country, thanks to a mix of orange, lavender and watermelon, with a fond of seaweed, sedum acre and patchouli.

It is a fresh and aromatic fruit, it is a sign of the change to the place which is dedicated, it underlines its particular nature, and it reminds to its uniqueness. It is an essence, that will let you dream, and coming back in time, it is the symbol between today and tomorrow, between valley and country, between energy and flower.

Out of stock

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